About me

I feel very vain making this page! But in case anyone who doesn't know me stumbles across this blog and gets nosy, I thought I would put some information up. I'm in my late twenties (not being vain, just buying myself an extra year before having to change this page) and currently in the final stages of a PhD in politics. (that may also change before I update this page, but that should be obvious from the rest of the posts!)

(This is what I look like with a bit of net on my head. Clearly that's the thing you most want to know about me.)

What else is there to know? I'm a vegan and tend to believe in animal rights although I am not currently active in campaigning. I do multiple part-time jobs, at least one of which at any given time involves teaching undergraduates. Company magazine refers to people like me as 'office nomads', although I think they had something more glamorous in mind than a university teacher who carries mysterious bundles of paper around and sometimes checks email on her phone on public transport. I unwind from this jet-setting lifestyle by cooking, sometimes ignoring the dirty dishes until they threaten to revolt, reading fiction (especially female-authored murder mysteries) and playing with makeup. I also enjoy knitting, although haven't done so much of it since getting rid of my TV. (YES! It is possible to survive without one! Furthermore, I have only had home internet for a year...) My two big addictions are coffee (the one drug fix you can get in front of freshers without being in deep poo) and ducks (the darling creatures tend to humour me by eating the bread I offer and laughing quackily behind my back).

(My little secret - garish socks normally hidden under boots so as not to blind my students...)

Minor passions of mine include chocolate and all things 80s. Aesthetically I tend towards being a goth, but will mock you mercilessly if you point to any given non-black item in my wardrobe and use it as evidence of letting the side down.

For the time being I'm allowing anonymous comments, and will do so unless any stalky or spammy crap happens. Try to play nicely though...